Digital Marketing Specialist

Full time, work from home in Australia.

The Opportunity

Please the read full description and follow the instructions at the bottom to apply.

Are you digitally savvy?

Do you have a keen eye for detail ?

If you are self motivated, disciplined, have the drive and determination to succeed and are looking for a career path in digital marketing for a international brand...then continue reading every single word on this page.

APB Careers: Digital Marketing Specialist

We're Looking For Someone Who...

  • Has a minimum 2 years experience working in digital marketing.
  • Is incredibly confident using online systems (you may not know how to do everything but chances are you’ll be the first to figure it out)
  • Is obsessed with details, no matter how big or small. (Some might say you’re a little OCD, or maybe a bit of a control freak, but you just prefer to be called accurate)
  • Is hyperorganised.
  • Triple checks their work at a minimum. (Double checking is how silly mistakes get through)
  • Will keep elevating the APB brand via high standards, impeccable taste and adherence to our brand guidelines
  • Settles for nothing less than perfection.

Right now, the Association of Professional Builders is improving the construction industry for both builders AND consumers across 5 countries and we need some more ‘A Team Players’ to help us achieve our goal.

So if you are organised, systemised, enjoy helping other people and are looking for a career rather than just a job, then this is your opportunity. Have the freedom of working remotely while being recognised for your hard work.

You’ll be working alongside the executive and marketing teams in all areas of digital market, including content creation, email campaigns, social media scheduling, funnel building, facebook advertising.

Key Responsibilities Includes...

  • Content Management. (includes content creation, editing, proofreading & Promoting)
  • Weekly email campaign creation. (4-6 emails/week)
  • Marketing asset Creation & management (videos, images, graphics & PDFs)
  • Funnel and landing page building.
  • Advertising on Facebook & Google. (includes creating the creative, copy, optimisation & analytics)
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